Video NPO was established to meet the video production needs of Associations & Nonprofit Organizations based on three simple, but critical, facts:  


1]. Video promotion is the most effective method of communicating to your core constituency.


2]. The needs of Nonprofits and Associations are unique and, put simply, we understand them.


3]. We believe that a high quality product does not require an excessive budget.


Perhaps you need something compelling and engaging to drive membership? Or something unique to promote your conference? Perhaps something light and concise to help simplify and clarify who you are and what your mission is? Or, maybe something entertaining and energizing to open up your next event?   Video NPO was built from the ground up to provide these services and more to organizations like yours. It’s what we do. From interviews, testimonials and any custom live action shooting, to motion graphics, 3D and traditional animation, along with event management and staging services. From concepting and design through to the finished product, soup to nuts. We know your space, your goals and your pain points, and we specialize in producing polished and effective videos in every style while working within your budget.


Our goal is simple. We want to provide your organization with exceptional services that meet your needs every time. Our track record speaks for itself. See our portfolio and read what our clients are saying about us. No matter what type of video production or event staging you need, we’re your turn-key, one stop shop.   Having successfully delivered over 400 video productions and staged over 200 events in our years in business, we offer up any client with whom we have ever engaged as a reference for our services. We have never left a client unhappy. Never. Not one.



Video NPO


A Division of Green Iguana Productions, LLC